Value of Advice

At BHA, we know that making good financial decisions has never been so important. We can’t speak for others, but our crystal ball has only ever made one prediction … UNCERTAINTY!

Investing in the right advice is a smart strategy.

The advice we offer can help you achieve peace of mind and security so that you are optimally prepared for whatever the future throw at you. Regardless of which phase of the financial cycle you are in, our team of dedicated advisers can make real a difference to your financial future.

Is this just for the wealthy?

The value of good financial advice isn't just for the ‘wealthy’. Everyone has the potential to build financial independence for a brighter future. All it takes is a partnership with a BHA adviser to help you reach that potential.

At BHA we can help you:

  • Assess your current situation by examining finances
  • Set achievable financial goals
  • Develop a realistic plan to meet those goals
  • Put your financial plan into action
  • Monitor your progress and help you keep on track
  • Update your plan so that it meets your changing financial needs.

Focus on the benefit

If we asked you to pay $10,000 for a map that would lead you to a chest filled with $100,000 worth of gold, would you think we were offering value?

We’re not saying our advice costs $10,000 and we’re not promising you $100,000 in gold. Our point is that to determine the value of anything, requires a focus not just on the cost, but also on the outcome. E.g.

  • Peace of mind that you are financially protected against unexpected tragedy
  • Clarity about your current financial situation
  • Confidence you have a strategy that balances your needs of today with your goals for tomorrow
  • Reduction in tax
  • Increase in Centrelink benefits

Unfortunately, not all Financial Planning outcomes are immediate. But studies have shown that Financial Planning does result in a net benefit over time. Click on the Case Studies tab for some real life examples.

At the end of the day, however, there is rhetoric and there is reality. And we acknowledge that, initially, there is an element of trust required. In the same way you trust a doctor with your physical health, financial planning is about trusting someone else with your financial health.

After more than 20-years in the industry, we’re confident we’ve earned our clients’ trust and we’d welcome the opportunity to earn yours. But whether it’s BHA or another firm, we do encourage you to take the next step and experience the Value of Financial Advice.