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Your ability to earn income is your most valuable asset. Income Protection Insurance provides you with a regular source of income should you be unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Every working Australian has a one in three chance of becoming disabled for more than three months before turning 65.1 Private Medical Insurance does not cover lost income, and Work Cover only protects you against accidents of injuries that occur during working hours or illness that is a direct result of your employment.

A leading insurer reports that 30% of claims are the result of an accident and of those 70% occur outside the workplace.2 Income Protection Cover generally allows you to insure up to 75% of your earned income (+ 9% Super Guaranteed).

Income Protection policies vary greatly and can be quite confusing. Choices you need to make include:

  • Stepped vs Level Premiums
  • Agreed vs Indemnity Cover
  • Waiting Period
  • Benefit Period
BHA’s experienced advisors are able to tailor your Income Protection options to meet your specific needs and expectations.

1.Calculations based on data from the Institute of Actuaries of Australia 2000. Interim Report of the Disability Committee. IA Aust: Syndey

2. Zurich, Protecting You from the Unexpected, 2006

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