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In “A Theory of Human Motivation”, Dr Abraham Maslow identifies security (health, property, employment) as one of the most fundamental human needs, second only to our most basic physical needs (food, water etc).

His theory states that basic needs must be met before more advanced needs can be achieved.

Maslow Pyramid

Most of us in the developed world are fortunate enough to experience the top of the pyramid. But it can easily come crashing down if those foundations are not solid. Maintaining our basic needs requires cash flow; so what happens if suddenly, due to death, accident or illness, you're no longer capable of earning an income?

Current statistics show that 1 in every 3 Australians will suffer an accident or illness that leaves them unable to work for more than 90-days1. Unless you are independently wealthy, personal insurance is the only way to ensure your basic needs are guaranteed.

1. Interim Report of the Disability Committee, Institute of Actuaries of Australia (2000)

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