Australia has become the largest funds management market in the Asia Pacific region and the 4th largest in the world due in part to our Superannuation system. As at July, 2010 our assets under management are valued at approximately $1.7 trillion.1

Combined with a local stock exchange that has outperformed the MSCI World Index over the past 25 years, Australians now have access to some of the most diverse investment options in the world.

Despite this, many Australians still have the majority of their savings sitting in standard bank accounts earning minimal interest that is further eroded by tax and inflation.

Consider the following scenario:

Two investors each invest $50,000 for 25 years. Investor A earns 6% net return, while Investor B earns 8% net return. After 25 years, Investor B’s capital will be more than $125,000 greater than investor A’s.

Given what’s at stake, it’s imperative you seek the appropriate level of advice before making key investment decisions.

1. "Funds Management, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia", Victorian Government, April 2010


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