Q: What do Financial Advisers do?

A good financial advisor will work with you to create a game plan that fits your financial circumstances and accomplishes your goals. A financial adviser will want to look at your whole financial picture – your assets and your liabilities. They want a complete map of where you are financially so they can draw a map from where you are to where you want to go.

Q: How is BHA different to other Financial Advisers?

As industry veterans, BHA financial advisors stand apart by building solid relationships with clients. We create and execute unique solutions that address our clients’ financial needs, solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. For over two decades we have successfully worked to enhance our clients’ lifestyles. We make it our business to grow and safeguard our clients’ wealth.

Q: Who can benefit most from BHA services?

Any individual or family seeking financial peace of mind can benefit from our services. We serve people at all income levels, from all walks of life. Clients have the flexibility to work with us on either a one-time, as-needed basis or an ongoing basis. We welcome clients who simply need a one-time financial consultation or a second opinion, as well as those who need comprehensive financial planning services.
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