Employer Superannuation

Did you know that your Superannuation choices affect the financial future of your employees? That’s why it is important to regularly assess the superannuation fund your business has in place.

Our research shows:

  • Most employees do not exercise their right to choice of fund
  • Most employees do not understand basic investment concepts such as diversification, inflation, unit pricing, dollar cost averaging and internal gearing
  • Most employees do not have adequate insurance coverage

A quality superannuation solution is a benefit to employees. It is a tool that can be used to attract and retain top-quality talent. We know that access to good quality Superannuation, insurance and financial advice ranks high on the list of employee benefits.

We help employers make smart Superannuation decisions – decisions that provide financial security for your employees, today and in the future.

We enable employers to:

  • Reduce the cost of Super administration
  • Streamline Super operations
  • Promote benefits of the Super to employees
  • Ensure that benefits are cost competitive

We help your employees by providing:

  • A superannuation fund that meets their financial goals
  • Easy access to financial education and advice
  • Access to insurance benefits without underwriting

For more information about our Corporate Superannuation services call BHA today.

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