About Us

BHA is a leading financial services firm. Over the last two decades we have built a reputation based on industry expertise, genuine independence and dedicated client service.  Our financial advice, solutions and services are designed to meet all your wealth management needs.

We Are Client Focused

As industry veterans, BHA financial advisers stand apart by building solid relationships with clients. We create and execute unique solutions that address our clients’ financial needs, solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Our mission is to educate clients, help simplify and organize their financial lives, and create peace of mind.


We Are Independently Owned

As a privately owned firm, our interests are completely aligned with our clients. We are not owned by any financial entity such as a brokerage firm, investment bank, or money manager - our allegiance is solely to our clients.


We Are Experienced

Since our founder and principal financial adviser Brian Handley began in the industry over twenty years ago, BHA has evolved into a substantial business with over 1500 clients and more than $50 Million in Funds Under Management (FUM).

The BHA team now includes ten financial planning professionals, with over 50 years combined industry experience.

We Are Innovative

BHA has implemented innovative systems and processes, which enable us to provide clients with high quality service and efficiencies.

From the handy tools we offer website visitors, to our sophisticated IT systems, our investment in technology is a key contributor to the professionalism of our firm.